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Kadayawan – a celebration of life

IN MY fourteen years of residency in Davao as a happy adopted citizen, I have not failed to celebrate the Kadayawan Festival every August with much anticipation and joy. It is a one of its kind celebration of city fiestas in the Philippines. I asked Cecile, my daughter-in-law, the meaning and connotation of the term. […]

Kadayawan, a grand success!

THIS year’s celebration of Kadayawan is an astounding success. It is better than the best that had been staged in the past. It is truly a celebration of life and an eloquent expression of thanksgiving for the bountiful harvests. Kadayawan has many shades of meaning which is also mirrored in the interplay of colors, the beating of […]

Between gunbattles and a festival

Stella A. Estremera Spider’s web KADAYAWAN week is always hectic, and it’s not even a happy hectic. It’s hair-pulling hectic, and has been like that since Kadayawan came to be… a lifetime ago. Thus, as the week crescendos to a close, I always harbor that wish to be the visitor and not the visited, if […]

Ledesma: A sterling success

By Jun Ledesma Sunburst FOR THE last four days it seems that all roads led to Davao City. I doff my hat to the planners, organizers, participants, the city officials, our policemen and the special military task force for a job well done. Now no one can question the ability of acting city mayor Inday […]

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