And the celebration starts
By Nelson C. Bagaforo

DABAWENYOS gear up for weeklong celebration as Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2008, touted as the Festival of Festivals, kicks off Monday, this time giving focus on the life and culture of indigenous peoples who have made Davao as their homeland.

With the theme: “Musanay Lumadnong Kagikan, Yutang Kabilin Panalipdan!” (Flourishing Indigenous Heritage, Protecting Ancestral Nations), this year’s celebration focuses on two main components that showcase the indigenous peoples’ culture and arts and its impact to contemporary artists and communities.

These are all depicted in the series of events that go with the celebration including the most anticipated Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (street dancing) and the floral float parade, two of the festival highlights.

One component of the festival, the Lumadnong Kasaulogan (Indigenous Peoples Festival), the core of the Kadayawan Festival, showcases the culture and arts of the 10 focused tribal groups in Davao City. They are the Ata Manobo, Bagobo Tagabawa, Ubo Manobo, Matigsalog, K’lata (Guiangan), Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Sama and the Kalagans.

This festival component is consist of the following major events:

KA-AN MINDANAO (Indigenous Food Fiesta) — August 18-23 at the Rizal Park. The 10 Tribal groups of Davao will display indigenous cuisine as an important part of their way of life.

LUMADNONG GAMA (Indigenous Peoples Trade Fair and Exhibit) — August 18-23, Rizal Park. Indigenous crafts and crops will be on sale attesting the tribal peoples’ productivity and age-old creativity.

LUMADNONG BANTAWAN (Indigenous Peoples Performance Showcases)— August 18-21, Rizal Park and Peoples’ Park. This activity involves tribal mass wedding on August 19, Rizal Park, performance showcases of dance, songs and other ceremonies fit for public performances of the 10 focused Davao tribes.

TUGTOGAN SA KAHIUSAHAN (Mindanao Indigenous Peoples’ Music Festival) — August 22 at the Rizal Park, Peoples’ Park, and Victoria Plaza Mall.

During this event, indigenous music virtuosos from all around Mindanao will be invited to an interactive music performance of various gong percussions, string and wind instruments in public spaces, showcasing the Indigenous Peoples’ harmony with themselves and Mother Earth.

HIYAS SA KADAYAWAN (Search for the Kadayawan Gem) — August 20 at CAP Auditorium. This is a search for the indigenous woman who, up until the present is knowledgeable of her indigenous culture and wisdom through a pageantry of Mindanaoan myths and legends. The Hiyas sa Kadayawan Culture and Arts-based project will be launched during their reign.

The other component, the Subay sa Lumadnong Kagikan (Contemporary Indigenous-motivated Celebrations), on the other hand, showcases the impact of the indigenous culture and traditions to contemporary artists and communities.

Under this component are events that pay tribute to the rich indigenous heritage through art forms in music, dance, fashion and floral designs, street dancing and floral float parade. Some events to showcase Davao’s gem — the Davao River and Museo Dabawenyo.

This component of the festival consists of the following highlights:

HULAGWAY SA KALIWATAN (Indigenous Peoples Visual Arts Exhibit & Photo Contest) — August 18-24, 9 a.m.-6p.m., Museo Dabawenyo.

Mindanao Indigenous Peoples together with outstanding Dabawenyo Visual Arts groups and individuals are featured in a Visual Arts Exhibit featuring indigenous life ways at the Museo Dabawenyo.

The Kadayawan Photo Contest will also be conducted and will be exhibited at Museo Dabawenyo after the festival.

TUNOG MINDANAW (World Music Festival) — August 19, 6 p.m., NCCC Mall of Davao. This is a competition of popular yet Mindanao tradition-based music open to all Mindanaoan composers and songwriters.

MODA MINDANAW (Fashion and Floral Design Competition). On August 22, 6 p.m. at The Venue, fashion designers and floral artists will compete in a fashion and floral design extravaganza of indigenous-inspired silhouettes, Mindanoan fabrics, and floral accessories.

DAWOW: TUBOD SA KASAYSAYAN (Davao River Festival) — August 22, at 2 p.m, Davao River. Dawow is the indigenous name given to the Davao River, the source of the early beginning of Davao. The celebration is a call for all Davaonos to take care of the Davao River.

Water-based competitions such as kayaking, banca race and river float showcase and music concert are among its featured activities.

SAYAW MINDANAW (The Mindanao Dance Competition) — August 22, 6 p.m., SM City Davao. This is a competition of Mindanao myths, legends and folklores transformed into dance narratives by Mindanao-based dance groups.ÿ Outstanding dance critiques and choreographers will interact with the Mindanao choreographers during dance evaluation and citation. A video will be produced to document the event.

INDAK-INDAK SA KADALANAN (Street Dancing Competition and Mindanao Festival Showcases) — August 23, 8 a.m., Streets of Davao. The Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan has three components: Davao-based contingents will compete in the street dancing interpreting the Kadayawan Festival of Thanksgiving, the nine Indigenous Tribes of Davao will showcase the richness of their indigenous dance and music while Indak-Indak contingents from key cities and provinces of Mindanao will be invited to showcase through street dancing their respective festivals.

PAMULAK KADAYAWAN (Floral Float Parade and Competition) — August 24, 8 a.m., Streets of Davao. The grand finale of the Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival, the showcase of the blooming of flowers and ripening of fruits in floral floats parade and competition.

KALASIKAS (Contemporary Music and Dance Concerts at the Parks) — August 24 3 p.m., Rizal and Peoples Parks. Outstanding Davao music and dance groups perform at Rizal and Peoples’ Park their music and dance creations as inspired by indigenous cultural expressions.


August 8-19, 2007

Theme: “Lumadnong Kagikan, Mabungahong Kinaiyahan, Gasa sa Kahitas-an”

Calendar of Events



Hudayakaan sa Kadayawan Food and Music Fiesta

August 3-19 (4 p.m.-12 mn, NCCC Mall Parking Area)


August 8 (4 p.m., San Pedro Catheral)

Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival Formal Opening

August 8 (5:30 p.m., Centennial Park)

Mango Festival

August 8-10 (9 a.m.-6 p.m., NCCC Mall Activity Center)

Kalingawan sa Kadayawan

August 8-19 (5 p.m.-2 a.m., SM City Davao Parking C)

Agro Industrial Trade Fair

August 8-23 (10 a.m.-10 p.m., SM City Davao)

Davao Association of Colleges and Schools Cultural Presentation
DepEd Cultural Presentation
Tingog Kadayawan World Music Festival

August 9 (8 a.m.- 12 noon, Rizal Park);(1-5 p.m., Rizal Park);
(6-9 p.m., Centennial Park)

Cultural Celebration: Tagabawa Tribe

August 10 (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Rizal Park)

2nd Mindanao Travel and Tour ExpositionTraveller’s Cup Open Shooting Competition

August 10-12 (10 a.m.-9 p.m., SM City Davao);
(8 a.m.-5 p.m., Gold Cup Shooting Range)

Cultural Celebration: Ovu-Manuvu Tribe

August 11 (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Rizal Park)

Cultural Celebration: K’lagan Tribe
Jollibee Davao Fun Run
Flight of the Eagles Caravan for Environment

August 12 (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Rizal Park);
(5 a.m., NCCC Mall Parking Area);
(7 a.m., assembly area: Magsaysay Park)

Cultural Celebration: Tausug Tribe
Kadayawan Fiesta Bazaar ’07

August 13 (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Rizal Park);
(10 a.m.-12 mn, Davao Convention and Trade Center)

Canon Kadayawan Photo Contest

August 13-19

Cultural Celebration: Sama Tribe.
Kadayawan Roots, Arts and reggae Festival

August 14 (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Rizal Park);
(12 noon-12 mn, Matina Town Square)

3rd Waling-waling Cup-Floral Arrangement Workshop & Competition

August 14-15 (Waterfront Insular Hotel)

Cultural Celebration: Maguindanao Tribe
Indigenous Peoples’ Food, Craft and Literature Festival

August 15 (8 a.m-5 p.m., Rizal Park);
(IIPE Grounds, Marfori Heights)

Sayaw Mindanaw–Isang Pagpupugay

August 15-16 (8 a.m.-5 p.m., CAP Auditorium)

5-Stag Derby

August 15-18 (Aquino Coliseum, Cabaguio Avenue)

Cultural Celebration: Maranao Tribe
Davao River Festival
Forum on Indigenous Peoples’ Education

August 16 (8a.m.-5 p.m., Rizal Park);
(8 a.m.-5 p.m., Davao Riverfront);
(Grand Men Seng Hotel)

Ikebana International Flower Exhibit

August 16-18 (9 a.m.-9 p.m., NCCC Mall Activity Center)

A thanksgiving festival celebration bountiful harvest features parade, indak-indak sa dalan, cultural presentation etc.

July 5- July 7 | Island Garden City of Samal

Cultural Celebration: Ata Tribe
Durian Festival Opening
Performing Dabaw: Homage to Home-grown Artists
Republic of Davao: The Reggae Combo
SK Midnight Fun Run

August 17 (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Rizal Park); (LandCo Compound);
(CAP Auditorium);
(8 p.m., RMC Gym);
(9 p.m.-12 mn, assembly area: SM City Davao Car Park B3)

Medsa Mayor’s Cup — An Invitational Golf Tournament; Durian Festival

August 17-18 (LandCo Compound)

1st National Dog Ultimate Challenge

August 17-19 (Damosa Gateway, Market Basket)

Indak-indak sa Kadalanan
Daghang Salamat Dabaw! An NCCC Kadayawan Celebration

August 18 (8 a.m. onwards, major thoroughfares);
(NCCC Mall Activity Area)

Floral Float Parade

August 19 (8 a.m.-12 noon, major thoroughfares)

Lumad: Celebrating Indigenous Wisdom and Creativity

Post-Kadayawan Activities:
August 21-25 (2nd Indigenous Peoples’ Visual Art Show and Auction) — (NCCC Mall)

Trade Exhibit — Organized by the Peace and Equity Foundation; Launching the Badjao products of Basilan.

August 30-September2

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